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How to Use Soy Wax Melts

Place your soy wax melt in the reservoir of your oil burner. For the melt bars, break off 1 cube for a subtle scent or 2 cubes for a stronger scent and place in the reservoir.


Light a tea light candle and place it underneath the reservoir of your oil burner.


Once the soy wax begins to melt in the reservoir the aroma will start to envelop your room within 20 minutes.


You can reuse each soy wax melt until you no longer get any fragrance from it.


Leave the soy wax to completely solidify and cool down before you scrape it out and dispose of in the bin. Due to the soy wax being really soft it should come out of your oil burner really easily with a spoon.


To remove the soy wax you can also place your burner into your freezer and leave for 20 minutes. The soy wax will have removed itself from the burner and can be disposed of in the bin.


Never pour melted soy wax down your kitchen sink or you’ll be left with an expensive plumbing bill when the wax solidifies and blocks your pipes.


Once the wax has been removed from your burner you can begin the whole process again with another soy wax melt.

Melting Wax